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Anthony Gysberts

Anthony Gysberts

5 Things you need to consider when choosing your Business Broker:

1.       Are they trustworthy?

2.       Are they well connected?

3.       How organized are they?

4.       Are they marketing savvy?

5.       What is their level of legal and finance knowledge?

Anthony Gysberts is a 45 year old business professional who before becoming a business broker spent 20 years in the Banking and Finance industry in Christchurch, Auckland and Whangarei.

His experience and understanding of other markets bodes him well in determining market values and opportunities.

With extensive financial and banking skills an entrepreneurial focus and a full database of contacts, Anthony is well qualified broker to any business deal whether it be selling or buying.

The business sale is an important transaction for all parties so you need someone totally dedicated to understanding and facilitating the total process giving attention to detail that will give you professional guidance and direction to ensure the best possible result.

By using Anthony’s experience and professionalism you benefit by having someone who will:

Advise, qualify and educate the parties involved

Determine the right strategy to package, position and present the business to market

Manage the process

Structure and negotiate the sales and purchase contract

Assist with the final handover

Call or email Anthony now to see if he can help assist you with your next business transaction.