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Tiffany Piper

Tiffany Piper

As the third generation of the Piper family, Tiffany was raised on a platform of real estate. She was immersed in property transactions both big and small and grew up knowing the true value of dirt and success. With fire in her belly, Tiffany went on to represent New Zealand in Pistol shooting, beginning at the age of 13, right through to today with her coaching skills being sought after around the world. 


Tiffany’s’ new passion is Cowboy Mounted Shooting, which is a combination of pistol shooting and horseback riding. 


In 2016 all that changed with the birth of her son Theo and the equally demanding world of motherhood unfolded. Tiffany moved to the Whangarei countryside where she lives with her son and partner on a 52 acre lifestyle block, where they are building their family home. 


She has applied her disciplined mental approach to real estate, bringing a new level of skills and service to property in Whangarei. Tiffany is a straight shooter, and with her sports psychology training, knows how to break an issue into component parts to deal with them one positive focused step at a time. 


Combine this with her bubbly, effervescent personality and you will find Tiffany a pleasure to deal with, and an energetic person who gets the job done. A breath of fresh air in what are often stressful times. 

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